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About me

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you’ll find something valuable or thought-provoking. If you have comments or thoughts about anything I’ve written or shared, please reach out to me via social media or on-chain messaging.

I appreciate new view-points and insights, so please share them with me.

Table of contents

Open Table of contents

Academics & experience

Current positions

I’m open to discussing new part-time/advisory positions in DeFi

Blockchain experience


Non-blockchain experience

Highlighted media mentions & events

Find me on-line at

Find me on-chain at


About my PFP


My PFP, literally a “Cartoon Panda holding a rhombus shaped diamon. Close-up.”, is an homage to Ethereum’s transition from PoW to PoS in September 2022 on mainnet when clients printed an image of a panda to celebrate the completion of the merge. The PFP was generated using the WOAI/Zero contracts on-chain.